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Micromite Keyring Computer * KIT *


Availability: Available on backorder

This kit allows you to build your very own MicroMite Keyring Computer as featured in EPE magazine’s monthly column, ‘Make it with Micromite‘. The Micromite Keyring Computer (MKC) will be used in the series throughout 2019 on a journey of exploration showing you just how easy it is to use the Micromite in your own projects.

Along with the accompanying Development Module, the MKC is ideal for learning the many features of the MMBASIC programming language.

An optional case (and optional silicone sleeve), are also available to complete the MKC into a very professional looking DIY product.

  • Description

    Product Description

    The MKC has been specifically designed as a 100% DIY kit requiring assembly on standard stripboard (supplied). You will only need access to some basic tools: a soldering iron, some solder, side-cutters, small metal drill-bit, and a file.

    Supplied in the kit are the following items:

    • Stripboard (will require shaping to fit into case; and also tracks to be cut)
    • 28pin Micromite (pre-loaded with a Test program to ensure things works correctly!)
    • micro USB Break-out-Board
    • Voltage Regulator
    • Power LED
    • 3 x resistors
    • 4 x Capacitors
    • Wire-links (will need cutting & shaping to size)
    • 3 strips of Header Sockets







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