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Micromite Development Module (for the Keyring Computer)


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This kit allows you to build the Plug-In Development Module which has been specifically designed for use with the Micromite Keyring Computer. The Development Module allows you to easily connect a PC (or Mac) via USB enabling you to program the Micromite Keyring Computer. When using a Windows PC, the Development Module also allows you to update the MMBASIC Firmware, hence making everything future-proof.

Along with the accompanying Micromite Keyring Computer, these two kits are perfect for learning the many features of the MMBASIC programming language.

  • Description

    Product Description

    The Development Module has been specifically designed as a 100% DIY kit requiring assembly on standard stripboard (supplied). You will only need access to some basic tools: a soldering iron, some solder, side-cutters, and a small metal drill-bit.

    Supplied in the kit are the following items:

    • Stripboard
    • 14pin MicroBridge IC (and 14pin DIL socket)
    • Voltage Regulator
    • 2 x LEDs
    • 2 x Tactile Buttons
    • 9 x resistors
    • 2 x Capacitors
    • Wire-links (will need cutting & shaping to size)
    • 6 strips of Header Sockets
    • 2 strips of Header Pins







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