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MicroMite 2.8″ LCD BackPack *KIT* (28-pin)

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The MicroMite LCD BackPack combines a full colour touch-sensitive LCD panel with a low-cost 32-bit microcontroller running MMBASIC.

It packs an incredible amount of power at an amazingly cheap price and opens up a world of possibilities for your next project . . . .

In stock (and by popular demand) is a BackPack Module without TFT.

NOTE: A Version 2 PCB is now available incorporating three main new additions: 1> A built-in USB interface, 2> A built-in firmware programmer, 3> Software controllable (PWM) backlight brightness

  • Description

    Product Description

    This is the MicroMite LCD BackPack KIT as featured in EPE’s May 2017 edition (and in Silicon Chip February 2016).

    It comes complete with ALL PCB components required to assemble a fully working module INCLUDING a 2.8″ Touch TFT screen (see below).

    NOTE: You will need a USB-to-Serial adaptor to communicate with this module from a computer.


    Parts List:

    2.8″ Touch TFT module (ILI9341)

    Double sided PCB (red finish)

    PIC32MX170F256B (MicroMite) loaded with the latest version of MMBASIC


    10K resistor (0.6W)

    100R Trimmer

    2 x 100nF  Ceramic capacitors (X7R)

    3 x 10uF Tantalum capacitors (NOTE: Use one for the position marked 47uF on the PCB! This is not an error as any value between 10uF and 47uF can be used)

    Tactile Button (red)

    28pin MicroMite Socket

    23-way Header pin strip

    6-way Header pin-strip (NOTE: Leave unsoldered – simply use it to physically connect a PicKit3 to the PCB whenever you need to update MMBASIC!)

    14-way Female Socket (2.54mm Pitch)

    4 x 12mm Standoffs (M3, Brass, Hex shape, Female/Female)

    8 x 6mm Screws (M3, Steel, Pozi-Pan Head)



  • Reviews (2)
    3.00 out of 5

    2 reviews for MicroMite 2.8″ LCD BackPack *KIT* (28-pin)

    1. 2 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      I’ve been a computer hobbyist since 1979.
      This gadget is without doubt the best £38 I’ve ever spent. My first computer, 6502 with 4k, cost £280 !
      I’ve some simple demo’s I can post if you’re interested;
      buttons, swipes,gauges,leds,strain gauge, altimeter, 16xpwm etc
      Thanks, Phil, from Dave, Oldham.

    2. 4 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      Best £38 I’ve ever spent on a gadget.
      Dave, Oldham

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