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Colour Maximite * KIT *


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After numerous requests for the Colour Maximite, we have finally made this kit available.

The Colour Maximite is the predecessor to the Micromite. It too is based on MMBASIC; the extremely powerful, yet easy-to-use, programming environment.

Simply connect a VGA monitor, a PS2 keyboard, and a power-supply, and you have an extremely powerful standalone computer. Programs can be stored on a full-size SD card.

It really is the ideal tool for learning MMBASIC, as well as experimenting with external hardware & modules. There are even some classic games available for download including: Space Invaders, Donut Dilema, and Maxman (i.e. PacMan).

Think of the Colour Maximite as a modern version of an 80’s Home Computer (such as the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, or Commodore VIC). See below for a summary of features.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    This kit is fun to assemble and comprises mainly of through-hole components. To help out, we have pre-soldered the three surface-mount components (the PIC micro-controller, a 10uF capacitor, and the SD socket) to the high quality PCB.

    Also included is a plastic enclosure (un-drilled front & rear panels), along with a printed front panel overlay.

    If you would like us to assemble the Colour Maximite kit for you, then simply ‘Contact Us’. (an additional +£20 will apply)