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USB-to-Serial Module


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This tiny USB-to-Serial module allows you to easily connect a MicroMite chip directly to a computer’s USB port.

Designed by us as a high-quality, plug-and-play alternative to the CP2102 module. Fully compatible with ALL MicroMites.

  • Description

    Product Description

    This micro-sized Module is just 22mm x 14mm in size.

    USB-to-Serial (UART) is at a 3v3 level on Tx & Rx pins.


    FT232RL chipset

    Mini B USB connector

    5-way male header (on underside of PCB):

    1)   0V     Connect to MicroMite 0V

    2)   RxI     Connect to MicroMite Tx (Pin 11 on 28-pin MicroMite. Pin 33 on 44-pin MicroMite)

    3)   TxO    Connect to MicroMite Rx (Pin 12 on 28-pin MicroMite, Pin 34 on 44-pin MicroMite)

    4)   3v3 output     Connect to MicroMite 3v3. Max = 50mA

    5)   5v output (80mA)

    Three status LEDs:

    Green USB-Power LED (solder jumper to disable)

    Red Tx LED (flashes whenever data is transmitted on the TxO pin)

    Green Rx LED (flashes whenever data is received on the RxI pin)

    PolyFuse USB protection

    Onboard smoothing capacitors


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