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MicroBridge *PCB*


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This is for the PCB only. You will need to solder one SMD part (a Mini USB socket).

Other options available include an unpopulated MicroBridge KIT, as well as a Fully Assembled MicroBridge Module.

The new MicroBridge module (as featured in the May 2017 edition of Silicon Chip) is a ‘Must Have’ tool for every MicroMite user.

It performs two main functions:

  1. 1> A USB-to-Serial convertor – providing a link between your computer and a MicroMite
  2. 2> A PIC32 programmer – allowing you to update the MMBASIC firmware in your MicroMite without the need for expensive programmers


  • Description

    Product Description

    The MicroBridge is built around a PIC16(L)F1454/5 micro-controller, requiring just a handful of other components to complete the module (see below).

    This is for the PCB only. Dimensions: 50mm x 23mm

    The MicroBridge emulates the MicroChip MCP2200. Download the latest driver from the MicroChip website (under ‘Documentation’, then ‘Software’).

    NOTE: Windows 10 should have the driver already installed.



    To assemble a fully working module you will require:

    1 x MicroBridge PCB

    1 x MicroBridge PIC micro-controller

    1 x MCP1700-3302E/TO  (3v3 vReg)

    1 x 1K

    1 x 100nF

    2 x 10uF

    1 x 3mm (Red) LED

    1 x 6-way 0.1″ (2.54mm) single-row Female socket

    1 x 5-way 0.1″ (2.54mm) single-row Male header

    1 x Tactile switch

    1 x Mini USB Socket (Type-B, SMD mount)

    1 x 14-pin MicroBridge Socket


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