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LCD: 2 lines x 16 characters. Blue


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If you need to add text to your MicroMite project then this LCD is the perfect choice. Comprising of 2 lines with 16 characters per line, it has white characters on a blue background. This LCD needs just six connections to a MicroMite along with a 5V supply.

A single MMBasic command fully configures the LCD. To display text or data anywhere on the display you use another single MMBasic command making the addition of text to your project a very simple task.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Supplied with a single row 16-way male header and a 10K variable resistor to adjust contrast.

    This display requires a 5V supply capable of supplying 20mA.

    The LED backlight has a series resistor mounted onboard so the backlight (Pin 15 & Pin 16) can be connected directly to a 5V supply.


    Pin 1   = 0V (Connect to one end of 10K variable resistor)
    Pin 2   = 5V (Connect to other end of 10K variable resistor)
    Pin 3   = Contrast (Connect to 10K variable resistor: wiper)
    Pin 4   = LCD RS
    Pin 5   = 0V
    Pin 6   = LCD EN
    Pin 7   = 0V
    Pin 8   = 0V
    Pin 9   = 0V
    Pin 10 = 0V
    Pin 11  = LCD D4
    Pin 12  = LCD D5
    Pin 13  = LCD D6
    Pin 14  = LCD D7
    Pin 15  = LED Backlight + (Connect to 5V)
    Pin 16  = LED Backlight – (Connect to 0V)


    Initialise LCD with command: LCD INIT D4, D5, D6, D7, RS, EN    (replace with corresponding MicroMite pin numbers. See User Manual for full details)

    To write data/text to the display: LCD Line, Position, data$     (e.g. LCD 2, 1, “Hello World” will display ‘Hello World’ at the start of the second line)


    Module Size: 80mm x 36mm x 12mm (excluding header pins)

    Display Area: 64mm x 16mm


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