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44-pin LCDuMite *PCB*


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This 44-pin MicroMite PCB is the latest development from Z-cards (aka Lou & Zonker from the BackShedForum). If you want to experiment with the various hardware capabilities of the MicroMite then this is the perfect PCB to purchase. You will be required to solder SMDs. Alternatively, Contact Us if you would like the MicroMite pre-soldered (and for other part-assembled options).

  • Description

    Product Description

    The LCDuMite is a 44 pin MicroMite processor board designed to be mounted behind a 16×2 blue LCD display module (although it can just as easily be used as a low cost 44-pin MicroMite  Module).
    The processor board has provision for: 5v and 3.3v regulators, protection diode, PCF8563 RTC with battery, MCP4725 DAC, IR receiver and transmitter, DS18B20 temperature sensor, PWM backlight control, programming header, console header, power header, and 26 pin header to bring out the remaining processor pins.

    A plug-in Expansion PCB is also available that can be added to create a stack. This allows you to add your own custom circuit to the MicroMite. The Expansion PCB has a barrel power connector, protection diode and fuse, regulator, and headers to bring up from the processor board: power, 26 unused processor pins, and display pins in case the display is not used.

    For more details, visit the Back Shed Forum

    Compatible with the 44-pin PIC32 MX150 and MX170.

    Dimensions: 80mm x 36mm x 0.8mm

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