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44-pin MicroMite Lite (MX170)


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This is a stripped down version of our fully featured 44-pin MicroMite Module. The DIP package provides a convenient way to connect to all 33 I/Os when using a breadboard. Alternatively it may be embedded into your own through-hole PCB design. Mounted on the 68mm x 22mm high quality PCB is a pre-programmed PIC32 micro controller (and all the required capacitors) to make a functioning MicroMite. A 3v3 power source is required along with a USB-to-Serial Module to allow programming & debugging. This is the cheapest way to start exploring the 44-pin MicroMite.
Other components can be added to provide any combination of the following: ICSP connector, reset switch, MPU power LED (Contact Us for prices)

  • Description

    Product Description

    All 44pins of the PIC32 TQFP package are presented on two single 22-way rows of pins on a 0.1″ pitch. These two rows are 0.7″ apart. I/Os = 33 Power Requirements = 3v3 @ 50mA minimum Size = 68mm x 22mm Components onboard: 1 x PIC32MX170F256D MicroController 1 x Vcap (10uF Multi-Layer Ceramic) required by PIC32 to stabilise 1v8 core voltage 3 x Decoupling Capacitors (0.1uF) 1 x Smoothing Capacitor for PIC 1.8v core on Vcap pin (10uF Multi-Layer Ceramic) 1 x 10K resistor on MCLR (allow external or onboardĀ reset functionality) 1 x 100 ohm resistor (reset circuitry)

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