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This is a stripped down version of our fully featured 44-pin MicroMite Module. The DIP package provides a convenient way to connect to all 33 I/Os when using a breadboard. Alternatively it may be embedded into your own through-hole PCB design. Mounted on the 68mm x 22mm high quality PCB is a pre-programmed PIC32 micro controller (and all the required capacitors) to make a functioning MicroMite. A 3v3 power source is required along with a USB-to-Serial Module to allow programming & debugging. This is the cheapest way to start exploring the 44-pin MicroMite.
Other components can be added to provide any combination of the following: ICSP connector, reset switch, MPU power LED (Contact Us for prices)

Everything is included in this kit (apart from a computer!) to enable a beginner to start exploring the exciting world of the MicroMite.
This kit includes three different coloured LEDs to recreate colourful ‘Hello World’ projects.

A very handy 28-pin MicroMite PCB with dedicated connectors for up to four external I2C devices. This design has been created by Mick Gulovsen, a regular member of The BackShed forum.


An unpopulated PCB to build a Z-cards 28-pin Prototype MicroMite Module. This development board, rich in hardware features, is based on a Powerful PIC32 micro controller containing the MMBasic interpreter. The ability to write programs in MMBasic makes programming very easy. Once built, you will be controlling external hardware in just minutes from powering up.

This is the PIC32 MicroController that the older MK1 28-pin MicroMite is based upon. It is supplied with MMBasic pre-installed.

The newer MK2 28pin MicroMite uses the PIC2MX170 32 bit PIC.

Note: This is only the PIC32 MicroController. A suitable 47uF capacitor will also be required to convert this into a functioning 28-pin MicroMite.


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