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This is for a Fully Assembled Module.

Other options available include an unpopulated MicroBridge PCB, as well as a MicroBridge KIT.

The new MicroBridge module (as featured in the May 2017 edition of Silicon Chip) is a ‘Must Have’ tool for every MicroMite user.

It performs two main functions:

  1. 1> A USB-to-Serial convertor – providing a link between your computer and a MicroMite
  2. 2> A PIC32 programmer – allowing you to update the MMBASIC firmware in your MicroMite without the need for expensive programmers


It can also power your MicroMite when the USB lead is plugged into a Computer or USB PSU.


The MicroMite LCD BackPack combines a full colour touch-sensitive LCD panel with a low-cost 32-bit microcontroller running MMBASIC.

It packs an incredible amount of power at an amazingly cheap price and opens up a world of possibilities for your next project . . . .

In stock (and by popular demand) is a BackPack Module without TFT.

NOTE: A Version 2 PCB is now available incorporating three main new additions: 1> A built-in USB interface, 2> A built-in firmware programmer, 3> Software controllable (PWM) backlight brightness

This version of the MicroMite LCD BackPack kit EXCLUDES the TFT – ideal if you already have your own ILI9341 Touch TFT screen.

NOTE: A Version 2 PCB is now available incorporating three main new additions: 1> A built-in USB interface, 2> A built-in firmware programmer, 3> Software controllable (PWM) backlight brightness

The Explore 28 Module is a fully self contained tiny computer requiring just a single mini-USB cable to connect it to a computer. A VT-100 compatible terminal emulator (such as TeraTerm) can then be used to talk to the module, to enter MMBASIC programs, and to view output.

Complete with an onboard ‘MicroBridge’ circuit allowing you to easily upgrade the MMBASIC firmware via USB. This ensures you always have the latest features without the need of any specialist PIC programmer.


Taking all the best features of the standard Explore 64 Module, this Module easily mounts onto the back of a 2.8″ TFT allowing you to create a self-contained, powerful MicroMite BackPack Module.

Featuring the 64pin MicroMite+ (PIC32MX470), it is 2.5 times faster than the original 28pin BackPack, having more RAM, more Flash, an onboard microSD socket, and a USB interface for direct connection to a computer.

The pictures show an unpopulated PCB. You will receive ALL PCB components pre-soldered, and the latest MMBasic pre-installed.


So if you wish to use a 2.8″ TFT Touch screen in your latest project, then this is the MicroMite Module we recommend.

This high quality, 4-layer PCB  comes complete with all components soldered allowing you to immediately begin experimenting with MMBasic Plus. All that is required is a single USB lead to connect it to a computer (or tablet).

It provides the ultimate in control of external devices and sensors. See video below for an Introduction to MMBASIC Plus.

A TFT LCD Display Panel and PS2 Keyboard can be added to enhance capabilities and make this into a ‘Stand-alone’ device.

Note that the following items are NOT included: TFT LCD Display Panel, Real Time Clock (RTC) module, USB lead, Power Supply, SD card, PS2 Keyboard, any CLICK Modules. You will receive all electronic components pre-soldered, and with the latest version of MMBasic Plus pre-loaded.

A totally unpopulated PCB is also available if you prefer to assemble you own E100 module.

The MicroMite+ Explore 64 Module adds many new exciting features. Now it is very easy to incorporate a TFT (or OLED) – any size from 0.96″ up to 7″ (with touch!). Incorporates a uSD socket; so just add a uSD card (4Gb – 32Gb) for easy file storage and/or data logging capabilities.

The NanoMite is finally here – a fully functional MicroMite in the footprint of a tiny 8-pin DIL package. Designed to be used in projects where you only need a few I/O pins (maximum 6) but still want to code in the extremely easy, yet powerful, MMBasic.

This is another fantastic design from Mick Gulovsen, a regular contributor to The BackShed Forum, and designer of many other excellent MicroMite products.


The extremely powerful, yet easy to use, MMBASIC (by Geoff Graham) is now being ported to the Raspberry Pi platform. If you would like to join in the fun, we recommend using this Raspberry Pi Zero W module.

NOTE: Limited to one per customer

This is a stripped down version of our fully featured 44-pin MicroMite Module. The DIP package provides a convenient way to connect to all 33 I/Os when using a breadboard. Alternatively it may be embedded into your own through-hole PCB design. Mounted on the 68mm x 22mm high quality PCB is a pre-programmed PIC32 micro controller (and all the required capacitors) to make a functioning MicroMite. A 3v3 power source is required along with a USB-to-Serial Module to allow programming & debugging. This is the cheapest way to start exploring the 44-pin MicroMite.
Other components can be added to provide any combination of the following: ICSP connector, reset switch, MPU power LED (Contact Us for prices)

This official 44-pin MicroMite Module gives you access to the full set of 33 I/Os all controlled by easy MMBasic commands. Simply plug in a single USB lead to connect it to your computer and immediately start exploring the world of the MicroMite.

Suitable for everyone, from absolute beginner, to seasoned professional engineer.


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