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This is a stripped down version of our fully featured 44-pin MicroMite Module. The DIP package provides a convenient way to connect to all 33 I/Os when using a breadboard. Alternatively it may be embedded into your own through-hole PCB design. Mounted on the 68mm x 22mm high quality PCB is a pre-programmed PIC32 micro controller (and all the required capacitors) to make a functioning MicroMite. A 3v3 power source is required along with a USB-to-Serial Module to allow programming & debugging. This is the cheapest way to start exploring the 44-pin MicroMite.
Other components can be added to provide any combination of the following: ICSP connector, reset switch, MPU power LED (Contact Us for prices)

This highly desired new MicroMite MkII offers over double the memory of the original MicroMite; and comes pre-loaded with the latest version of MMBasic.

This 44-pin MicroMite PCB is the latest development from Z-cards (aka Lou & Zonker from the BackShedForum). If you want to experiment with the various hardware capabilities of the MicroMite then this is the perfect PCB to purchase. You will be required to solder SMDs. Alternatively, Contact Us if you would like the MicroMite pre-soldered (and for other part-assembled options).

A KIT version of our very popular MkII 44-pin MicroMite Module. Once built, this MicroMite Module gives you access to the full set of 33 I/Os all controlled by easy MMBasic commands.

NOTE: This kit contains mainly surface mount components and therefore the ability to solder SMDs is required to assemble this kit.

This powerful PIC32 micro-controller comes pre-programmed with the latest version of MMBasic. This is the main component required if you are making your own 44-pin MicroMite.

This official 44-pin MicroMite Module gives you access to the full set of 33 I/Os all controlled by easy MMBasic commands. Simply plug in a single USB lead to connect it to your computer and immediately start exploring the world of the MicroMite.

Suitable for everyone, from absolute beginner, to seasoned professional engineer.

A high quality, unpopulated PCB used to assemble the official 44-pin MicroMite Module.


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