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This powerful PIC32 micro-controller comes pre-programmed with the latest version of MMBasic. This is the main component required if you are making your own 44-pin MicroMite.

Need to add video output and/or a keyboard to your next MicroMite project? Would you like a low cost way to Program & Debug a MicroMite without the need for a computer? Geoff Graham’s single-chip ASCII Video Terminal will give you all these capabilities, and more. This low-cost pre-programmed PIC32MX250F128B-I/SP is what you need (along with a handful of other readily available components) to make a very versatile module. Simply hook up a monitor (VGA or composite) and also a PS/2 keyboard. For more detailed information click here.

If you need to add a clock or timer to your MicroMite (or MaxiMite v4.5) then this is the official RTC that works with MMBasic’s inbuilt RTC commands.

A genuine DALLAS 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor DS18B20

A MicroMite pin can safely output a maximum of 10mA. If a device requires more than 10mA (such as an Infra Red LED transmitter, a buzzer, a relay) then you can use this low-cost NPN transistor to deliver the necessary power.


An extremely reliable 5v to 3v3 LDO voltage regulator capable of supplying 250mA. Used in MicroMites, MaxiMites and add-on modules to convert 5V into the required 3.3V.


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