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A 4 x 3 membrane keypad allowing data input into a MicroMite.

A high quality Mini USB Type-B socket (SMD version) as used in many of our MicroMite modules.


A PCB mounting USB socket as used in the original ASCII Video Terminal.

If you need an electronic ‘key’ for your MicroMite project then this iButton is what you require. This is a low cost, durable identifier that can be read by using a single MMBasic command dedicated to the 1-wire protocol. A range of optional key fob holders allows easy attachment to a keyring.

This iButton touch reader is recommended to read DS1990A iButtons. It effectively connects the DS1990A momentarily to the MicroMite so that the unique ID in the DS1990A can be read. A bi-colour LED is embedded and can be driven directly from the MicroMite to indicate various statuses.

This high quality right-angle tactile switch has a great ‘click’ to it. Also, because it is a through-hole design it is very sturdy. Mount it on the edge of your board for easy access.

Use this switch to add a ‘Reset’ button to a MicroMite Lite.

This high quality tactile switch has a great ‘click’ to it giving positive feedback when pressed.

Use it to add a ‘Reset’ button to your MicroMite design. Also used as the ‘Mode Button’ in the very popular MicroBridge Module.

This is a very reliable, yet compact, GPS Module. It is used in the MicroMite GPS-Controlled Digital Clock (Silicon Chip May 2014 edition).

A MicroMite pin can safely output a maximum of 10mA. If a device requires more than 10mA (such as an Infra Red LED transmitter, a buzzer, a relay) then you can use this low-cost NPN transistor to deliver the necessary power.


An extremely reliable 5v to 3v3 LDO voltage regulator capable of supplying 250mA. Used in MicroMites, MaxiMites and add-on modules to convert 5V into the required 3.3V.


The perfect 47uF capacitor required to complete a successful MicroMite circuit.


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