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This is for a Fully Assembled Module.

Other options available include an unpopulated MicroBridge PCB, as well as a MicroBridge KIT.

The new MicroBridge module (as featured in the May 2017 edition of Silicon Chip) is a ‘Must Have’ tool for every MicroMite user.

It performs two main functions:

  1. 1> A USB-to-Serial convertor – providing a link between your computer and a MicroMite
  2. 2> A PIC32 programmer – allowing you to update the MMBASIC firmware in your MicroMite without the need for expensive programmers


It can also power your MicroMite when the USB lead is plugged into a Computer or USB PSU.

This smart looking enclosure is the perfect way to protect your Pi-croMite Zero.

This tiny USB-to-Serial module allows you to easily connect a MicroMite chip directly to a computer’s USB port.

Designed by us as a high-quality, plug-and-play alternative to the CP2102 module. Fully compatible with ALL MicroMites.


Simply add a monitor and a keyboard to a MuP-VT and you are ready to program your MicroMite without the need for a computer.

Note: This is the PCB only. All components will need to be purchased separately.

Need to add video output and/or a keyboard to your next MicroMite project? Would you like a low cost way to Program & Debug a MicroMite without the need for a computer? Geoff Graham’s single-chip ASCII Video Terminal will give you all these capabilities, and more. This low-cost pre-programmed PIC32MX250F128B-I/SP is what you need (along with a handful of other readily available components) to make a very versatile module. Simply hook up a monitor (VGA or composite) and also a PS/2 keyboard. For more detailed information click here.

If you need to add a clock or timer to your MicroMite (or MaxiMite v4.5) then this is the official RTC that works with MMBasic’s inbuilt RTC commands.

An SPI controlled 8×8 red LED matrix. Placing multiple modules side by side creates a nice bright display.

A stylish 7-button InfraRed remote control unit built into a sleek aluminium enclosure. Just add a low-cost IR receiver to your MicroMite project to create an elegant user interface.

This 38KHz receiver will add IR functionality to your MicroMite project. You will require this if using the Apple IR remote with your MicroMite.

This 40KHz receiver will add IR functionality to your MicroMite project.

If you need to add text to your MicroMite project then this LCD is the perfect choice. Comprising of 2 lines with 16 characters per line, it has white characters on a blue background. This LCD needs just six connections to a MicroMite along with a 5V supply.

A single MMBasic command fully configures the LCD. To display text or data anywhere on the display you use another single MMBasic command making the addition of text to your project a very simple task.

A genuine DALLAS 1-Wire Digital Temperature Sensor DS18B20

With this waterproof sensor your MicroMite can easily read the temperature of liquids. It is waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-rust. A DS18B20 is encapsulated within the high-quality stainless steel tube. A MicroMite requires just a single I/O pin and uses two simple commands to read the temperature from this sensor in degrees C.

An extremely easy to use ultrasonic sensor that can accurately determine the distance to an object. When connected to a MicroMite, just one command will give you an accurate measurement.

A 4 x 3 membrane keypad allowing data input into a MicroMite.


This powerful STM32F407 module will run the latest version of MMBASIC (as discussed on The BackShed Forum).

Ideal if you want to quickly start evaluating this exciting new Armmite.


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