100-pin MicroMite

The 100-pin MicroMite is based on MicroChip’s powerful PIC32MX470F512L 32-bit micro-controller and is the basis of the extremely powerful MicroMite+ Explore 100 Module (click here to watch video).

The 100-pin MicroMite+ is the most Powerful and flexible MicroMite to date having a total of  79 I/O pins. This is definitely the MicroMite to select if you intend to control lots of external devices.

As with the smaller MicroMite+ Explore 64 Module, it is possible to use the 100-pin MicroMite as a standalone BASIC computer complete with a large 7″ or 8″ TFT (800×480) acting as the programming screen; and SD card storage (up to 64Gb).


Purchase options include either an unpopulated Explore 100 PCB to allow you to assemble your own module (note that you will need to be able to solder very fine pitch SMD components), or you can purchase the SMD Explore 100 Module which comes with all the SMD components pre-soldered onto the PCB; as well as having the very latest MMBasic Firmware pre-loaded. All you need to do to complete the SMD Explore 100 Module is to solder a handful of readily available through-hole components; a task that should take an average user between one and two hours.

If you would like to purchase a FULL KIT OF PARTS (excluding the TFT), then please do visit our partner’s website.

Our partner is based in New Zealand, and therefore they are the perfect option if you are purchasing from Australia or New Zealand; having a lower shipping fee, and reduced delivery timescales when compared to shipments despatched from our main European Warehouse.


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