Powerful Micro-controllers that are incredibly easy to use . . .

 The NEW Colour Maximite 2 ** Generation 2 **

PLEASE NOTE: Due to overwhelming demand AND also due to the current global silicon shortage, please be patient while waiting for delivery of your order!

‘Make-it-with-Micromite’ KITs

Build your very own:

Micromite Keyring Computer and Development Module  

(as featured in the series: ‘Make It With Micromite’ in Practical Electronics magazine)

If you have read any recent issues of 

(Everyday) Practical Electronics


Silicon Chip Magazine

then you will have heard about the MicroMite.

Visit our shop where you will find various MicroMites

as well as an extensive range of other exciting products.

All items are assembled in the UK.

Available now:


28-pin Standard MicroMite 

44-pin Standard MicroMite

64-pin MicroMite+

100-pin MicroMite+


 MicroMite LCD BackPacks

 100-pin MicroMite eXtreme

144-pin MicroMite eXtreme

Modules, KitsPCBs

   Armmite STM32 Module 


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